03 November 2010

Happiness is...

Big, fat, fluffy, white sparkly snowflakes pitter-pattering on our rooftop before the sun rises.

Boca Java Pumpkin flavored coffee, with whipped cream, in a LOVE mug, in November. Perfection.

Sleepy heads over egg beaters and sausage… and the color red.

tis' the season of Chapped Lips

Napping in the warmth of the morning light.

Chubby babies in cable sweater pants.

Voting for the candidate of your choice.

Golden sunsets casting shadows along the snow.

And last, but not least- my website is up and running!
www.EmilyRoeArtist.com Check it out!
I’m now taking commission orders for Christmas. Space is limited, so feel free to email me with questions you may have. emilyroeart (at) gmail (dot) com

Happy Wednesday Everyone!


  1. I love your photos! So pretty. You have beautiful babies.

  2. Your art is outstanding!!!!! WOW. I only now realized you are an artist. Do your talents ever cease? haha! I like to draw myself but have abandoned it (temporarily hopefully) since having a baby. I'd like to take classes on working with oils.

  3. I love all your pictures and those drawings at the end! Amazing. you are truly talented :)
    I'm a new follower from Military Spouse blogging community! I am also an Air Force Wife! So glad to have found you :)

  4. YIKES!! I can't believe you have *snow* already! I'm a SoCal transplant into Maine, so I guess you could say that every winter, I just sort of hold my breath and hope that weather DOESN'T happen. ;)