01 November 2010

Little Bunny and Baby Squirrel.

Before the tradition of Trick-or-Treating even began, we ventured out downtown for the Halloween festivities. Sheesh, it was a cold day- 27 degrees, baby! Poor William had boogies frozen to the side of his cheeks, but Krysta was having way too much fun to call it quits. The streets were flooded in a sea of colorful characters ranging all ages, shapes, and sizes. Shops were quickly running out of candy, so it was like The Running of the Brides as people were elbowing each other, zig-zagging their baby strollers in between families, parents pulling their little ones by the arm down the sidewalk looking to score a lollipop or a Kit-Kat bar.

We’re not fast-paced people- more like mellow, easy going people. So we only hit up a few shops before heading home to thaw out our frozen bodies. Home, with hot chocolate and a thick quilt is more our speed.

Krysta says this was practice before the real trick-or-treating.
I agreed. Because Halloween in our neighborhood, well it takes on a life of its own, in a less chaotic manner.

Halloween night was absolutely perfect. The air was extremely crisp, leaves went crunch, crunch, crunch under our feet, pumpkins burned a glowing orange, and the laughter of little voices could be heard throughout the neighborhood.  It was childhood memories in the making.

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I spared William from the cold by staying back to pass out candy while Ron and Krysta went door-to-door. In less than two hours, we went through ten bags of sugary bite-sized treats. TEN Bags! There was a lot of Halloween-Goodness going on at the Roe House.

Just because Will and I stayed back doesn’t mean that we didn’t have some fun of our own. He stayed parked by the front door in anticipation of the doorbell bringing forth more and more kids shouting, “TRICK-OR-TREAT!” He would then excitedly rock back-and-forth as spidermen and princesses “Oohed and Ahhed” over him.

Can I just say, aren’t they the cutest little bunny and baby squirrel you’ve ever seen?

We drank the life out of this unofficial holiday, giving my lovies fond memories.
Until next year…

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and made lots of fantastic memories with their little ones!


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  1. Oh my word....27 degrees! Shhhhesssh! Your little ones are really cute!

  2. Oh dear, so many great shots. Great costumes and your little ones are so cute!

    Erika B

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