23 November 2010

White snow and orange sunsets.

Christmas cards are always a challenge for me. I have an image in my head of how I want it to look, however turning that vision into reality is another story.

Every year I would make “scrapbook” cards with Creative Memories merch. I’d whip out my photo tape, an array of festive paper, glitter, stamps, and stickers to construct -what I thought- would be the perfect Christmas card. Yes, I would physically hand make each and every card. However, times are a changing. With a school aged girl and a mobile baby boy, spare time is few and far between. These days the glitter and festive paper are now replaced with good ol’ photoshop. And I’m okay with it.

In attempt to take good Christmas photos on Sunday, I give myself an A+ for effort. How the Christmas photos actually turned out, I give myself an F. Our Christmas-photo-taking outing was a total bust. And by bust I also mean I busted my butt more than once on the ice. In my defense, setting up the tripod and running back to get in the family shot before timer starts clicking -all on ice- is tricky business people!

See the proof here:

We’re going to give it another go- hopefully we’ll produce something where eyes aren’t closed, isn’t blurry, and has smiles on all faces.

Despite our failed efforts, we drank the most out of our snowy outing. Our cup is always half-full, you know.

We gazed through the pearly white birch trees that glistened with iridescent beads of snow and frost.

We breathed in the Alaskan winter air that filled up our lungs with the perfect amount of freshness that begged us to breathe in long deep breaths.
And look at this view, will you! We bask in these milky white views on a daily basis. Such beauty.

We stuck it rich with this luminous sunset over the snowy seashore and icy water. It was like the sprinkles on the cupcake; the perfect ending to our day.


  1. Gorgeous! I can see now why my hubs wants to go back to AK!!!!

    You are a lovely photographer :)

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Wow. For one, I live in Ohio and it was 70 here the other day and today it hailed... so surely it will snow this weekend but I don't normally LIKE snow. However, those pictures of the sunset and snow are amazing!