27 June 2013

Life is Good Today

As I write this, I'm looking at lavender clouds rolling into shades of slate grey while pockets of golden light peeks its way through the opaque  sky, wiping out all evidence of daylight as the sun shifts into dusk. The birds are singing their final song of the day and bursts of fragrant wind cools my sunburn cheeks. It's beautiful to witness Mother Nature doing her thing, especially when she's orchestrating her production over Honolulu's illuminated city buildings.

We landed on the island of O'ahu late last night, and it felt like "coming home". I've attached myself to this island, heart and soul, and couldn't be any happier to be back. Ron is traveling with us for part of the trip- I'm so anxious to show him all the things I fell in love with and experience everything that this island has to offer.

We kicked off the summer right. We awoke to the delicious smell of mom cooking a spread of pineapple sausage, eggs, muffins, and freshly brewed coffee. It brought back childhood memories of Nana cooking all of us a huge breakfast, and now, the torch as been handed down to Mimi to cook for her grandkids.

For our first full day, we ventured down the road to Kapiolani. It was raining on and off throughout the morning, but we were determined to make the most out of everyday, so we did what any "life squeezers" do...we danced in the rain, or in this case, we swam in the rain...

If rain is has bad as it gets, we're in for a fantastic time!

Love, Emmie


  1. i am SO happy you guys are back. and with ron!

    also, it feels good knowing someone else gets my love of Hawaii. it only took a few days for that place to embed itself in my heart! can not wait to get a chance to go back.

  2. Oo I am so jealous. We love Hawaii! We got to go last year and it was amazing. We hope to go back someday.

  3. So happy Ron was able to go with you to Hawaii this time. I love the photos and the red bird is pretty and so it the rainbow. Have a great time together. I'm sure your mom is loving every minute with her grandchildren as well! Hawaii is beautiful, been there in 1989 and loved being there. Take care!

  4. So so pretty! Oh my. I'm jealous. Glad you are back for a while. Your photos are gorgeous, girl! As are your kids.