21 June 2013

Chapter Four is Complete.

This is the last day that my yoga pants and my sloppy "mom-do" get this much action, this early in the morning. This is the last day I'm hustling to pack lunches, sign daily agendas, log reading minutes, hunt for missing shoes, and herd kids into the car. This is the last day of "I Love You's", "have a good day", and "I'll see you this afternoon". This is the last day of school-- a chapter to another school year has come to an end.

Krysta rocked out the fourth grade-- a rockstar in her own right. She aced tests and won First Place at the Science Fair. And when she failed --because there were times of extreme difficulty-- she buckled down and pulled herself back up. We sat gathered around the kitchen table for many hours learning to add and reduce fractions, understanding the changes of matter and the flow of energy, moon phases, and the three branches of government. Krysta struggled and cried as much as she succeeded and excelled. And I couldn't be any more proud to be her mom.

First Grading Period- Straight A's

 Second Grading Period- Straight A's + Perfect Attendance + First Place at the Science Fair

Third Grading Period- A's + B's

Fourth Grading Period- A's + B's + Most Fashionable Award

Krysta's Fourth Chapter has come to an end, and we're excited to write Chapter Five this fall.

Fifth Graders Rock!

Love, Emmie


  1. How sweet! I love it. I think I had a harder time at the end of school then I did the first day! I feel like now that my oldest is headed to first grade he's not my baby anymore!

    I love that she got most fashionable! Learning from her mama ;)

  2. good job, Krysta. She's sure changed over the course of a school year. She is so pretty. Yes, I like her bag as well....so fun! Happy summer to all of you!