18 June 2013

Air Force Journey

First, a snippet from my husband:

 If you’d told me 13 years ago that I’d be where I am now, a newly minted Master Sergeant with the most amazing family I could ever hope for, I’d have given you a sideways smirk and walked on. You see, this was never the plan. I was supposed to use the Air Force as a means to an end. To get a hold of that GI Bill, get out, get my degree, and maybe start thinking about a family then. Maybe.

Funny how it all works out, though isn’t it? You happen cross the right person when you weren’t expecting it, and everything just starts happening from there. Two kids and more than half a career later, I can’t think of a better way for my so-called “plan” to have “failed”.

One might think that a new promotion would cause anyone to look forward and dream of the future. But as people I once considered my peers have begun to call me “Sir”, all I can do is look back at the many blessings that have become my life.

Call it fate, or call it dumb luck. I choose to call it by a different name:



 (the sun was really intense this day, resulting in funny faces)

Ron and I first met when I was 19 years old. We were so young, and determined to grab life by the horns-- we barely had our toes wet when we decided to wed. Ron was a brand new airmen, fresh out of tech school when we said our vows; and with these vows of commitment came the commitment of being an Air Force wife and all that being a military spouse entails.

Coming into the role of a mil spouse I was extremely overwhelmed with learning the military lingo, rank insignia, PCS (permanent change of station) procedures, and understanding our LES (paycheck), just to name a few. I remember memorizing faces and name tapes of the guys working with Ron because everyone looked the same in the sea of camo. Year after year, the faces that always run across my mind the clearest are the older men-- I perceived them as being the wisest, the most noble, the strongest, and... the most intimidating. I respected them and their dedication, and I looked up to them as an authority figure, but more importantly I idealized their wives. I envied at how strong these women were to stand by their husbands, deployment after deployment, move after move, enduring all of the hardships and heartbreak that this military life can often times throw our way, all while supporting their family with a smile on their face, standing tall. I wanted to be just like them.

Now, here we are, 13 years later. My husband has been officially promoted to Master Sargent. This day seemed so far away, such a distant goal; it's amazing how fast our military journey has gone by. He is now one of those "older" men, in the Top 3, that I looked upon with great respect and gratitude, and I couldn't be prouder of all of his achievements thus far. I'm anxiously anticipating the future and all of the goodness that it holds.

And as for me, I can only hope to fill the shoes of the loyal Air Force wives that came before me, the ones that have inspired me, and the ones that have lit the unique path of being a milspouse.  And in turn, I can only hope that I'm inspiring a new milspouse somewhere out there.

I'm the proudest wife right now-- I have such an amazing, hard working husband. This way of life has been a wild ride and we're enjoying our front row seats.




  1. Congrats to your husband, what an honor at 13 years! My husband is a TSgt and has been in 12 years this October. I can't believe we have been together 7 of those years. It's gone so fast and it's really crazy to think retirement is right around the corner. My husband's plan was similar to your husbands. He came in as CE and had planned to learn a skill, get out and then go from there. Little did he know he would go for the long haul.

    Again congrats! I also saw you were stationed in Oklahoma. I met my husband in Altus, Ok. Small world!


  2. Amazing how things can change when you just meet the right person!!

    My Husband just retired as a Lt. Col last year after 30 years in the Air Force. I was with him for the last 7 years of his journey and now we have began a new one.


  3. What an amazing journey for you and your husband!

    It makes me excited to see where our own journey through this military life takes us!

  4. Congrats to Ron on being promoted to Msgt. I'm happy for all of you and thanks for sharing the pictures of the memorable day. I'm proud of you as well for all you stand for. Hugs.

  5. I love reading your blog and as a new air force wife I wanted you to know that you are an inspiration! Congrats to your husband!