15 February 2012


My baby squirrel bravely leaps a little higher, is slightly more bushy tailed, and the curiosity in his dark beady eyes ignites a little brighter. He moves freely and smoothly, full of confidence because he knows he turned two, and two only means double the adventure and twice the independence.

His little soul is like a Dreamcatcher – only allowing the brilliant goodness to remain while his fears, worries, and indifference filters through and leaves with the light of day. His spark vividly burns, wild and free, ready to take on the world. And with that, it’ll carry him through to achieve great things.

Life is full.

His life is full.

And with him, my life is full.

My imagination sees you, like a painting by Van Gogh. Starry nights and bright sunflowers, follow you where you may go. Oh, I've loved you from the start, in every single way and more each passing day.You are brighter than the stars. Believe me when I say, It's not about your scars, It's all about your heart.  ~Kendra Lowe

(Maaaaaaaaaaa, as Wills says)

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