11 August 2011


Once or twice a week I take a day to sort and edit photographs, and reflect on the happenings that has been going on in our household. Today however, was such a big deal that it couldn’t wait a day longer.

My girl --my little girl-- started third grade today. My feet stood heavily cemented to the front door step not wanting her to leave. I want to hold her and shield her and keep her in a bubble. I want to bake cookies with extra sprinkles and color outside the lines with crayons and have princess dress-up tea parties with dolls. But, I knew she had to go. And as a parent I rejoiced for her and gave her the confidence that she needed as she embarked on her own journey in a new school, with new kids, and new teachers.

she was so nervous!

My heart twisted and turned as we entered her new classroom.

Oh boy, here we go. Keep it together. This is your fourth year dropping her off on her first day of school. You’ve got this.

And I did. And she did as well.

After today, Krysta will be inches taller…and I’m okay with tall.


  1. congrats to you and your daughter! my daughter just turned one, and when the time comes for me to bring her to her first day of school, i'm probably going to be a sobbing mess (at least, after i leave. gotta try to appear calm and collected before that!).

  2. lovely post, we have such milestones to climb, sometimes for us and sometimes for them but no matter what, each one deserves a pat on the back! Well done to both of u!

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  4. Few seconds after looking through your blog, it was an immediate follow for me. It's lovely, inspirational, and your family is beautiful!