10 August 2011

Summer Sweetness

Mrs. Mother Nature wasn’t showing us any summer lovin’—the soil was cracking and the grass broke off to the touch and …the heat? The heat was simply unreal. Walking barefoot was nearly impossible without going, ouch, ouch, ouch with every step. But, as the old saying goes, “good things come to those who wait” proved to be true. We got our storm, baby!

Ron and I watched as the clouds swelled into heavy clusters of gray fluff and lightening zigzagged with quick vertical flashes of light. There was no doubt that she was a showstopper, leaving us oohing and ahhing when the loud bursts of thunder boomed and crackled around us. We’ve been waiting a long time for an earth pounding showdown such as this.

Don’t you just love the smell of a good storm? Relief never smelled so sweet…or clean!

We may or may not have performed a rain dance earlier this week. I’ll never tell.

Before the rain quenched the grounds, making the rain/sun ratio a little more balanced –and I say “little” very loosely— we made the most out of our summer heat…

{Ice Pops}

These mini rainbow pops have become a staple in our freezer. Seriously, we can rarely endure an afternoon without opening these bad boys.

“You can’t beat the heat without a cold sweet.” I just made that up. Funny, no?

Err, moving on…


Need I say more? Hellllooo, water?

If you look up “summer” in the dictionary, you’ll find the word “watermelon”. They go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Salt and pepper. Macaroni noodles and cheese.

…You get my drift.

Our house is fully stocked with watermelon if anyone wants to come over for a slice or four…just putting it out there.

{Mud Baths and Sprinklers}

Remember when you were young and thought adding water to dirt to make mud was the greatest thing ever? Well, I do! And apparently so does Wills.

He’s practicing his Jackson Pollack moves.

When mud runs its course, there’s nothing like a little sprinkler action to cleanse and hydrate sweet baby skin.

{Home Comforts}

We’ve had many days were it topped out at 112 and that didn’t even include the heat index. This goes without saying that ice pops, watermelon, and sprinklers couldn’t bring us relief. We huddle indoors, and that’s ok with us. It’s good to be huddled around the comforts of home. And although I haven’t quite accepted Oklahoma as my home, I’m working hard to move in that direction.

Lately I’ve been sewing curtains and throw pillows, organizing, and brainstorming décor ideas. It’s starting to come together. Starting to feel like home.

More photos to come.

And last, but not least, a Panda Party! That's right, my girl throws down shindigs for even the tiniest of folk, which includes but not limited to Panda Bears. Mrs. Pandy to be exact--Krysta wanted to make sure I got her name right for my blog.

Anyhow, we lived it up and all got sugar highs --including Pandy-- in the middle of the afternoon, on a Wednesday. We party hard over here!

So if you’d please excuse me, tomorrow is a BIG DAY for my girl. She’s starting THIRD grade. I’ll say that again, THIRD grade! I know, gasp!

And you can bet your hiney there will be photos!

Until tomorrow, big smiles from OKC!



  1. So many beautiful shots - love that first one.

  2. I am so jealous of your rain! We are in Texas and are experiencing the heat as well, and NO rain at all. It's been a tough summer!!!!

    Looks like y'all are settling in well :)

  3. It has been blazingly hot here at Keesler AFB but we have gotten some rain! I'm sure the scorching summer is having to be a huge adjustment from moving to Alaska to the middle of the states!

    I want a popscicle now though!

  4. Beautiful pictures! New follower and I'm enjoying reading through and looking at all you photos.

  5. A childhood is not complete without hot summers running under the sprinklers; eating watermellon (outside) and spitting seeds; sticky fingers from eating boatloads of ice cream and getting dirty from playing in the mud!