02 August 2011

Honey for Honeybees

It’s hot--reaching well into the triple digits. Farm crops are drying out, cattle are dying, and no amount of water will keep my flower beds hydrated. Everyone is praying to God for relief.

This heat puts a huge damper on our summer outings, so we make the most out of our early mornings and late afternoons, which leaves our mid-days for hibernating indoors in an Alaskan Grizzly Bear fashion…with the AC on full blast.

The light blue sky dims his lights to the perfect shade of tangerine orange and pillow fluffed clouds lazily draw back their curtains into long thin spaghetti-like horizontal lines, all in efforts to join forces in making way for the golden light rays to spotlight the string quartet of strumming crickets and the tis-tis-tis-tiiiiiiiiiiising beat of water sprinklers. It’s a Summer Musical Production and we have front row seats.

I love this time of day. The evening light shines down coating everything it touches with a golden glow, like a pot of honey. And when there’s honey, honeybees aren’t far behind. My little honeybees are equally attracted to the golden light, as I am. As soon as I see wisps of the sun shining through the windows, we drop everything we’re doing --dishes, laundry, picking up toys, and vacuuming cracker crumbs-- to bask under its glow.

Sometimes we hang out in the front yard with sidewalk chalk and sprinklers. Sometimes we head over to the right-beside-our-house park. But on the really good evenings, we trek a mile to the “big” park, where there’s a zip-line for my girl and several twisty slides for my boy --which by the way, he thinks he’s ready for, but ends up tumbling down head first.

We stay until our water bottles are empty and the outlines of my honeybee’s features form into silhouettes.

The quartet lingers on its final musical note, and the curtains are drawing to a close as the sun slides into a slumber through the blackened outlined trees. The show has dramatically come to an end, like two symbols thrusting together.

It’s a thing of beauty, and it is good with my soul.

“When I admire the wonders of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in the worship of the creator.” Gandhi

Until tomorrows musical…

I’m off to finish sewing curtains for our living room. Possible tutorial in a future blog post?

Now this is sweeter than any pot of honey


PS I realize that some of you guys have asked me a few questions—I promise I haven’t forgotten! AND thank you all who have left us wonderful words of wisdom and best wishes…we truly appreciate it!


  1. I am so happy you are back to writing!

    You always inspire me.

  2. Hey Emily, I stumbled upon your blog from household 6 diva -- I'm also an Air Force spouse. The photographs on your blog are absolutely gorgeous! And I can't believe I'd never heard "You Got What I Need" until I heard it here because Joshua Radin is one of my faves! Loving the blog :)

  3. Love this. So precious. :)