20 February 2011

The red-headed stepchild with a side of randomness.

This week has been a red-headed-stepchild type of week, as in it’s been out of control and fighting
for my undivided attention.

There were moments when I’d give it my undivided attention -and it was good, for awhile-  but it got so wild and unruly and overbearing, that I had to just throw my hands up and walk away.

Didn’t your mom ever tell you that it’s best to walk away from a fight?

My days are become so insane that if you’re on my facebook or twitter, my status for the next 12 weeks are most likely going to be as followed:

“I’m working on a commission.”

“I’m getting the house ready for the movers.”

Or flat out, “I can’t comment to one status at the moment.”

So for now, before my sanity is ripped to shreds, I’m embracing the small moments from this week
that puts my red-headed-stepchild moments to shame...

Like, my sweet girl is turning eight next week! Now this is no small moment- this is in fact, a VERY BIG MOMENT. An array of paper, tissue, jars, and other crafting supplies are adorning my kitchen table waiting to turn into party decorations.

As you can see, Krysta is ecstatic!

We’re ecstatic!

And speaking of birthdays, Will is still enjoying the aftermath from his. Shaking the bejesus out of the balloons and twisting himself around the string is how he prefers to spend his time. We’re hanging on to every once from his BIG day, deflated balloons and all.

When you have a sunrise to start off your day that looks like this, and a perfectly round moon to grace your black sky at night, how can your moment’s in-between not be full of lovely fantastic happenings?

It really was lovely and fantastic, just as February’s should be- full of bright blue skies, sunshine, and crystal snowflakes that danced among our windowsill. We all enjoyed basking in this incredible weather, especially Louie.

Since it’s still February, and love still fills the air, I want to share with you a few of my favorite moments from Valentine’s Day…

A card from my girl. It says,
Dear Mom and Dad,
You are my Valentine. You are always in my heart. You are the family I always want. I Love You.
Love, Krysta
Krysta’s handmade mailbox filled with sweets and valentines from her classmates.

And a little knickknack from my mom. I hung it on my easel as a daily reminder, especially when I’m getting frustrated with a painting!

Even though we’ve been having beautiful weather, it’s still not warm enough for outdoor spring activities.

What’s a girl to do?

Bring the spring inside, of course! Krysta had a blast blowing bubbles and William had a blast popping them. His eyes were in complete wonder as he watched each glossy bubble bob through the air.

bubbles, compliments from my mom.

Krysta’s school book fair was this week, so of course we had to purchase one or six. She has been reading practically non-stop and saying things like, “Reading is SOOOO much fun! I feel like I’m a teenager!” She truly melts my heart. I love how she’s so eager and excited to learn.

One of her new books is called, The Purple Princess. You know what that means, right?

Her obsession with the color orange has now been replaced with purple!

Since we’re on the topic of replacement and changing things up, we now have a new tradition. Every week between Krysta’s XC Skiing and dance class, we pick up Subway sandwiches for dinner and head to the Arctic Oasis to let William interact with other little kids. Needless to say, this is a win-win.

Krysta says, "look mom, it's a giraffe head." My girl KNOWS what she's talking about!

In a nutshell, these were my small moments from this week.

Now I’m off to get crafty in the party department and stretch Belgian linen canvas…

Happy Weekending.


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  1. Okay, that totally looked like a giraffe's head! How funny! Ugh...the hecticness of life is about to surround you yet again. But all these moments make up life. Good luck with everything, and celebrating your sweet daughters 8th birthday! Enjoy!!!!