21 December 2010

The Sea, the Snow, and the Soreness.

As I type out this blog post, I’m sitting on the comfort of my couch, with a heating pad attached to the side of my discomforting body. Maybe it’s a pulled muscle or maybe a pinched nerve, either way my body is jacked up; possibly from shoveling the massive amount of snow in my driveway. And you would think that a girl who practically delivered a baby naturally would be like, “I am woman, hear me roar”, but not today. My roar has been downgraded to a soft meow and here I sit, pouting and whining. 
With a massive amount of snowfall and snow shoveling, comes a massive amount of snow playing.
We do snow castles around these parts. That’s how we roll.

Can I tell you something funny that my babe said the other day? She’s a funny girl; always has us in stitches.

Krysta: “Mom, I want a hermit crab so I can dress her up in different types of seashells.”
She then went into full detail about how she will scour the beach for the perfect shell home for her crab. If the shell covers her eyes, she’ll set it aside, and likewise, if it only covers her butt… you know that won’t do, so she’ll toss that aside as well. Like her mama, she’s a beach babe through and through.

Which brings me to our Sea Tree.
Now, it’s not completely finished, but it’s done enough to display. My Christmas spirit is a little funky this year, so I’ve added bright, fun and of course, funky colors throughout the house. I’m digging it.  

Without further ado… the Sea Tree:

I adore the sparkle of Christmas. It is my main mission when decorating for the holidays, to make our home as sparkly and magical as possible. Because after all, this is the most magical time of year.

 Disclosure: No babies were harmed during the making of this photo. Ron was right below the windowsill.
Oh, and remember when I went on my overly excited Christmas giddiness rant about wanting a billboard sign above my house? Well, the hubs made one for me… in photoshop, that is!

With that said, please excuse me; I’m off to wrap 3,925 Christmas gifts for everyone.

I hope your days have been merry and bright!


  1. Ouch ): I do hope you feel better! And, feel free to send some snow our way.

    Awesome sea tree! And, i'm a beach babe at heart too. Being from NC and all (:

    Stop by, if you have time, and join in on my thankful tuesday blog hop!

  2. I love the sea tree :)
    Feel better soon!

  3. Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!

    That is so awesome that you build snow castles!

    And, your Sea Tree? Amazing. So fun.

  4. I'm so sorry you're in pain! What a miserable time of year to feel… well, miserable! I hope you're not planning on wrapping those 3,925 presents on your floor… is that why you're in pain??

    As for your tree, I totally just fell more in love with you, your blog, your family! That Sea Tree is amazing and down right genius. I will be scouring all around collecting for the next twelve months in an attempt to replicate it, no doubt!

    Merry Christmas, Emily!

  5. Sidenote: You have the best playlist EVER.

  6. I am so jealous of the snow, it's been 80 degrees in Texas, and it SO doesn't feel like Christmas. I love your tree, my son would love it as well, he has a fascination with mermaids! ha!

    Hope you get to feeling better soon! Have fun wrapping presents, I love to wrap!

  7. Oh my goodness, you guys are the sweetest! Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments!! I hope you all have a fabulous Christmas!!

  8. I love the Sea Tree! Such a cute idea, and you made it beautiful! These pictures are all lovely and make me miss snow.

    I hope you get better soon! Merry Christmas!