15 December 2010

A Beautiful Morning

Maybe it was the extra dose of caffeine or maybe it was this song belting over the car radio, either way I concluded that this morning was fabulous.

While the house was silent and babies slumbered, I woke up nice and slow -6 am nice and slow- to a fresh layer of snow in my everyday Winter Wonderland. Where jewel-toned autumn leaves once danced, the sound of snow now swishes around the windowpanes like flakes of silver glitter. The aroma of fresh coffee beans tip-toed through the air as the coffee pot brewed the perfect cup of coffee. I plugged in the Christmas tree, turned on the Crosley record player, and took a step back. Breathing in long, slow breaths, I stared at the twinkling lights and listened to the crackle of old Christmas records spinning. It was a beautiful morning; a beautiful way to start the day.

Babies slowly emerge from upstairs, silent air is filled with liveliness, and my once was slow morning quickly turned into a scramble of- making breakfast, brushing teeth, breastfeeding babe, packing lunch, changing diapers, and bundling in snow gear from head-to-toe. The wave was building up and I was in swell, pleading to not wipeout.

And it didn’t- it was an all around productive day.

I finished wrapping, boxing, and addressing all of my packages with brown paper and Krysta colored festive little pictures on each one. I addressed, stamped and licked envelopes until my hands cramped and mouth tasted of glue paste. Yes, I’m a little late, but hey, now they’re all now signed, sealed, and delivered.

 And do you see this little beauty? She is justa bubbling over with personality! Courtney was the winner from the Live, Laugh, Love…our way, giveaway! Her custom portrait is now tightly wrapped and boxed; ready to arrive under her Christmas tree!

Courtney, I hope you and your family enjoy this piece for many years to come!

When my little snow bunny came home from school, she had mounds of fresh fluff to frolic around in. Just as Krysta adores the ocean, the same goes for snow. She digs, rolls, and cover’s herself in it- just like beach sand. My girl has an adventurous soul.

I’m off to do busy things and attempt to be productive!

Merry Christmas,


  1. Wow your photos are stunning. Thank you for dropping by the roundup!

  2. Amazing photography! I just sent out my Christmas cards today. They should be there before Christmas though. I never understood the ones that were in the mailbox the day after Thanksgiving. I like getting them the week leading up to Christmas :)

  3. I also just got the last of my Christmas cards in the mail:)

  4. I sent out all my cards last week, but I still have boxes going out!

  5. Adorable!

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    I am a new follower and I voted for you!

    Passions by Ashley

  6. You are an amazing photographer. I love seeing your pictures!

    Merry Christmas!!!

  7. hey lady! thanks so much for linking up with the military monday blog hop :) these are BEAUTIFUL pictures! i hope you will join us again next week!