25 December 2010

The Night Before Christmas

It’s after midnight, so this is going to be a completely random post about today’s/this week’s happy things, like…

Holy Jeez, William slept for 9 hours last night! Ron and I haven’t slept 9 hours in one night for 10+ months! We’re so excited that we just don’t know what to do with ourselves.

Imagine someone plowing into you on the ski slopes, you popping straight up into the air, landing on your face, and then sliding a good 5ft on the ice. That’s what happened to Krysta. She wiped out on the slopes yesterday -which is not a happy thing- but after she had her moment of alligator tears, she got back up there like a champ, and that makes me proud.

William was so concerned!

It’s rare that Ron and I take photos of just the two of us. So when I saw that beautifully decorated tree at the squadron’s Christmas party, I knew it was the perfect photo op. Ron handed the camera to one of his friends and said, “Hey do you mind taking a picture of us?” Sure, the man replied. The guy took two pictures, just in case one was blurry.

I think he had a little too much Christmas fun because this was the better of the two. I must say, I actually love this photograph of us -not the quality of the photo, but the memory of it... happy times. Perhaps it belongs in a frame…

 Ron is the Boost Club President, and one of the duties is to organize/plan the Annual Christmas party. He worked so hard raising money, collecting door prizes, and finding a venue. It was beautiful night. Everything ran smoothly, everyone had a blast, and his hard work paid off! I’m so proud of him.

Another happy thing is chubby babies in fleece. Oh so delicious! How can you not eat these cheeks?

My house decorated for Christmas.

 Front Entrance

Living Room

 Living Room
 Front Entrance

 Downstairs Bathroom

Downstairs Bathroom

 My love bug snuggled under blankets while reading, and my baby cakes doing what he does best… putting EVERYTHING in his mouth!

We’re ready for Santa to arrive over here.

We’ve left carrots for the reindeer…

and cookies and milk for Santa.

We've tracked Santa and he should be here any minute!

We’ve snuggled into our new Christmas jammies

and as always we’ve read, The Night Before Christmas before tucking in.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to meet Santa downstairs. Let the magic begin!

Oh and you can bet your hiney I’m going to be doing this tomorrow!

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