10 August 2013

A New New Year

I first dreamt about you when I was a little girl. It manifested for years, turning that dream into thoughts and hopes that one day my childhood fantasies would come true. I thought about you religiously throughout my teenage years—doodling your name in my Trapper Keeper, sketching what you would look like face to face, how you smelt, how you would taste. And now, here you are right in front of me, exceeding my every expectation. You’re fresh and invigorating and delicious. You’re a healer of my wary soul and a patch that covers my bruises. Stitch by stitch, you’ve flawlessly repositioned my world back to working order with fresh ideas and artist endeavors and fireworks of inspiration.  You’re a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific, holding an overabundance of beauty, peace, and guidance.

These past two summers on the island have ignited my fire, my passion, my positive outlook. I’ve grown closer to family and faith- surrounding myself around turquoise water and crisp foliage and untouched nature is where I feel closest to God. I’ve spent so many days listening to the ocean rolling back and forth, deep in thought, envisioning our future with projects, art, field trips, new goals, coffee gatherings, dinners on the BBQ, and walks through the trails.

I’m excited for the future and all of the possibilities and adventures that this year holds. It's like having a clean slate that every New Year's Day offers, only better. This is a New, New Year.   

A few random photos from last week:



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