20 October 2011

Kicks & Bricks

It was an ordinary day, turned extraordinary.

The weekend started out like all others —I’m greeted by the strong fragrance of coffee wafting through the kitchen as heavy feet shuffled down the hallway, and the theme song from “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse” strummed through the air as my bunny and squirrel bobbed their heads in sync with the rhythm.

We usually shut ourselves off from the world during the weekend, but on this particular morning, I left my phone on, and sure enough…it rang. I hesitantly answered. 


Whatcha doing?

It was one my besties, Tabetha.


You guys wanna meet up?


Like there’s any convincing us to go. When the Swerts are involved, good times are sure to follow!

And a good time it was.

Quickie Background Story: Tabetha and I met 5/6 years ago while we were both stationed at Pope AFB, in North Carolina. Since then, they got out of the Air Force and moved to New York, while we were re-stationed at Elmendorf AFB, in Alaska. Now, 5 years later we’re both living in Oklahoma within 2 hours of each other.
 We clicked right away, like peanut butter and jelly.  We differ on religion and politics, but when it comes to parenting and family values, we’re the same, and that’s exactly what makes us tick.

Now back to the program…

We got our kicks on Route 66.

We first stopped at a cute little joint for lunch called, Pops. Pops was fully stocked --wall to wall, ceiling to floor-- with 100’s of flavored soda bottles in every color of the rainbow.

Swamp Juice anyone? It’s SODAsgusting!

As the heat died down and the sunrays mellowed out, we headed back towards OKC to check out the fun happenings in Bricktown. 

We’ve never been to Bricktown, so I was more than happy to be able to explore and discover this area of Oklahoma City with another fun-loving family.

The area was booming.

It reminded me of Downtown Anchorage during the summer. The streets were full of people, with music flowing from various buildings and street corners, and artists painting on sidewalks. The town was full of energy, and it was the first time in a longtime, that I felt 100% content --somewhere squeezed between my family and my bestie, with excitement surrounding us, that perhaps I’ve finally found my footing.

It felt like old times, where it was just us, just being, with friends and family, rolling with the punches, and enjoying one another in the moment. Because it’s in the little details, the small moments, and the quick flashes of time that we truly experience random specks of pure joy.  It’s what turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

We lingered until our shadows grew long, and the sun bowed down to a pink glow, making way for the moon and stars.

We'll be back for more kicks and bricks... and if we're lucky, we'll be enjoy it with good friends and heavy laughs.

Till then,


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  1. That seems like a fantastic day. How awesome that you are now near each other. My BFFs husband is just now getting out of the CG and because of that are moving ONLY (ha!) 8 hours away.

    I love how this was written. I know that blissful feeling you speak of. I haven't seen my best friend and her family for 10+ months now. However, I know that no matter what we do when we finally meet up...that I'll feel that content again.

    Thanks for sharing.