07 May 2011

Easy Peasy.

Confession: We’re moving in 24 days and I’m nowhere near being prepared, nor am I stressed about it.

This is not me. I’m always prepared. I always dot my i’s and cross my t’s. I always stress over the unknown. I’m the type of girl who has a to-do for her to-do list, and that to-do is then broken down into categories, then sub-categories.

Lately I’ve been, as my daughter says, “easy peasy, lemon squeezy.” And I kinda like it. I’m rolling with the punches and moving with the flow and I have no worries. I’m in an extremely calming state of mind.

Last night I scurried around the house collecting items that I thought we may need as soon as we arrive in Oklahoma –towels, dishes, bedding, toys for the kids, a coffee mug, all of the important things. And just like clockwork, our small unaccompanied baggage was picked up and is now on its way to Oklahoma as we speak.

As I watched them load the truck from my window, I thought, this is where it’s going to hit me that we’re really leaving Alaska. Cue the waterworks and the twisting of my heart and punch in the gut… but it didn’t happen. I watched them leave,  scooped up William, and continued normally throughout our day. I’m not sure when reality will sink in –while we’re temporarily living in a hotel, while we’re driving cross-country, or perhaps when we finally arrive in Oklahoma? The more I think about it, the more I believe it’s not in the cards for it to hit me. This is our way of life. Our military life. We come and go. We uproot and resettle. And we make the most out of any given location. As the old saying goes, “Home is where the military sends us” but, more on that later. I’ll spare you the block of cheese and the buckets of sap for my “Farewell to Alaska” post.

For today, home is in Alaska. And in Alaska, Spring has finally arrived, baby!

This means spending lots and lots of time basking in the sunshine, taking in double, triple, and even quadruple doses of vitamin D

…and becoming reacquainted with the local wildlife as they make their way back down the mountain.

Why, hello little moose!

Spring also means we’re digging out the sidewalk chalk, rainbow colored jump ropes, weathered blue Adirondack chairs, and swirly hula hoops that rattle when you swish your hips from side to side; which are all very Spring-like and very fun, but what Krysta loves most is soaking up the golden rays.

William on the other hand doesn’t stay still long enough to soak up much of anything. He has a go, go, go personality that begs to be entertained. And so we gave him a bucket of chalk and more concrete than he knows what to do with. The driveway is William’s blank canvas. He’s tuning into his inner Jackson Pollock and showing no mercy. He scribbles a yellow line here and blue line there, and then looks up at me all bright-eyed, waiting for my approval that he is indeed making beautiful art. Before I can nod and say, “that’s a good job bud!” he’s off and running down the street. He’s faster than he looks, you know.

He likes to color his shadow

Dance recitals are just around the corner -as in two weeks and some change, around the corner. Krysta and the girls have been busily working on their routines, perfecting their arabesques and pirouettes. They have worked so diligently throughout the year, and we “stage moms” couldn’t be prouder. I seriously cannot wait for the big night when she makes her entrance, shining like the star I know she is.

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Have a fabulous Saturday!
Make your Mother’s Day weekend extra special!

PS. In case you’ve been living under a rock… the world is now a safer place thanks to our brave men and women of the military.

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  1. I can tell you first-hand, you'll be getting a lot of that Vitamin D sunshine out in OK! Your photos are gorgeous!