14 May 2011

Cheers to family.

A big bird flew into Anchorage Alaska, and landed with my mom and uncle, safe and sound. There were extended hugs and big shouts of “HEY EMMIE!” and oohing and ahhing over the little ones as we passed them around and the clanking of wine glasses in celebration of family togetherness.

My mom is flying out tonight, and my uncle is here until Sunday, so we’re soaking up every second and making the most out of their time here. This is my uncle’s first trip to Alaska and we’re planning on showing him everything- the mountains, the water, the city, the boats, the wildlife, and our favorite spots that we’ve become accustomed to over the last 4+ years and have grown to love.

First stop was one of our favorite restaurants, The Glacier Brewhouse, for Alaskan Amber and Salmon BLTs.

my mom and Krysta

vats where they brew their own beer

We spent hours catching up. Storytelling about how the fish was *this* big. And laughing until our eyes were heavy and little ones fell asleep in our arms.

It’s going to be a good weekend indeed!

P.S. My friend posted on facebook that there was a moose in her yard, so Ron and Greg walked down the street in hopes that the moose would still be there. Sure enough, there he was at the park! Greg was happy like a kid on Christmas morning!

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  1. Great pictures! It is always nice to have family come visit :)

  2. You take some wonderful photographs...going to follow you now...you are doing something totally different than myself, and I like to get a different taste of....well, everything! Thanks for sharing on Circle of Moms. I just voted for you!

  3. I'm so glad you got some good, quality momma and uncle family time! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun.

    And, seriously, I can't get over the moose ;)

    I've been voting and spreading the word - good luck in the contest!

  4. Emily, what the heck?! I have been stopping by all the blogs on the Top 25 blogs on Circle of Moms and realized I wasn't following you but we follow each other twitter and instagram?! How is this possible?! lol Well I'm following you now :)