31 December 2013

Our Happy Place

There’s this little sliver of beach that fills my cup to the rim. It’s a place where an ombre' turquoise sea rolls among milk powdered sand and around rocky mountains; it’s a place where palm trees sway in the wind and the happiest of memories are made. This spot is a special place where our imaginations run wild, where our inner child is awakened, and our dreams become a reality.

William has coined this happy place as “Mimi’s Beach”. And it’s true-- it’s ours because we make it our own. We pump our hearts full of adventure and we spread it across our tiny patch of heaven.

Not a moment is wasted on the island. Even when we’re starring off into the blue, we’re living with purpose. We live for each other, we live for our togetherness, and we live for making memories. Our smiles are permanent, our hearts are open, and we’re at peace.

 My cup runneth over.

drawing hearts on trees. big love.

Here are photographs of our happy place: It's just too sweet for words...

 sea glass

I found this while "nature collecting" with William. My plan is to take into a jeweler to turn into a necklace for Krysta. 

These. These magic moments will live forever in our souls.





  1. Nice! Your children are looking so tanned! Hope u all had a Merry Christmas. Now have a great 2014! Hugs!

    1. Thanks so much Becky!!! I hope you and your family had an awesome Christmas as well!!!

  2. Ok, so I really do LOVE winter here in WI. But, omg your pics make me wish for warm weather. Does your mom live in one of those houses ON the beach?! I seriously want to come visit y'all one summer. ;) The kids are gorgeous!!!

    1. me too!!! Alaska was amazing, but Hawaii has a magic of its own-- love it!! No, my mom lives in Honolulu on a hill that overlooks the city. It's so pretty at night, watching the city lights. Living on the beach would be a dream though :) I'm dying to go back!