23 March 2013


We shifted gears and headed west to the Rockies for a little R&R with Ron’s family. It was a much needed break—hours of conversation, extra cups of coffee, and exploring breathtaking mountain views. Colorado is in my Top 4 favorite states (Alaska ranking #1 of course) because of the color. Color bursts of purple, gold, and blue fill the landscape like an explosion of fireworks. It’s enchanting really, as if wondering through a dreamy haze where it’s just you and nature.

Just like every trip to Colorado, we began by navigating our way aimless through the city and into smaller towns, all while Ron tells stories of childhood memories. Eventually we pull over to capture a few shots on my camera or we trail off into the woods and over red rocks. It’s always the same, but yet always different, which is very soul-satisfying. We get equal doses of home comforts mixed in with adventure during each trip.  

On this particular trip, God gave us major eye-candy. We witnessed a crisp blue ombre’ sky that dipped into mountains, completely saturated in lavender hues, wispy golden grass that flickered in the sun and rock formations that glisten in tones of red and orange.

The mountains were calling our name, and we joyfully answered.

Weaving between rocks --because of course, we had to go off the trail-- and over small rocky obstacles, we reached the top. Overlooking a bask range of mountains in the distance with evergreens and houses sprinkled throughout, I gained a little perspective. What was once larger than myself, was now so small, so distant; my perspective became clear up on that rocky cliff. As big as my pain is now, it’ll eventually fade, it’ll eventually become smaller, and I will be up on the cliff looking down upon it.

It was right then and there that something clicked. I felt so free with the crisp open air swooping around me. Everything just seemed completely obtainable. Little did I know, a seed was planted. Lost in my own thoughts, my focus and my priorities shifted. I needed to stop dwelling on broken friendships, hurt feelings, and the emotions that came with it- sadness, loneliness, and disappointment, which all came barreling down throughout this last deployment and the loss of dear loved ones- and start focusing on the present and all the blessings that I have in my life—a loving husband, bright kids, supportive friends, and golden dreams. Time heals all wounds, and my time has come.

Throughout this past year’s journey, I’ve constantly reminded myself of this quote-- it goes something like this, “Sometimes things fall apart, so better things can fall together” …or something along those lines. It has given me courage, strength, and the outlook that I’ve needed to push through, to overcome barriers, to remain on the bright-side, and to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  And so with my newly gained perspective, I’m watering that seed by jumping into a new endeavor—an endeavor that we’ve been tossing around for months, so it’s now time to stop thinking and just do. I’m super excited, and once I smooth out the kinks, dot my I’s and cross my T’s, I’ll tell you all about it! But, I will say this, it still involves art—I could never be happy without art in my life. 

I apologize for such a heavy post on a Saturday morning. My intent was to write a lighthearted post about our fun Colorado trip. I got a little sidetracked, but I do feel better unloading hidden emotions from my heart. Thank you so much for listening to me ramble.

That planted seed is sprouting, I must tend to my garden.



  1. Great post, Emily. The photos great with family and great scenery. Glad you are on happier thoughts, less pain, more joy. It takes time to heal from brokenness. Remember your loved ones that have passed on in your heart. Nobody can take that from you. Higs and prayers and glad you had good family outing. By the way, I was paging through a food network mag from 2012 and a ad for hawaiian bread on a page with children. One girl looked like Krista, small world...don't know if it was her since only side of face. I'll email a copy to you.

  2. i love it...we visited Colorado for a couple of days when we were driving from west to east. we visited the Air Force Academy. Man, it was so beautiful. Thank you for the heavy words actually. I think its about time I tend my garden as well. I've been dwelling too long. it may have been too heavy for a Saturday morning..but its just what I needed to hear on a Thursday morning.