12 February 2013


Today my Baby Squirrel turns three.

As I laid in bed this morning-- with William peaceful asleep, tangled in my arms, his slow breaths synchronized with mine—I thought back to the day he was born. The anticipation of being admitted into the hospital, being hooked up to heart monitors, and bracing myself as each contraction rolled over my body; it all seems like it was yesterday…

William transformed us into a family of four, and has made us whole…he’s the final piece to completing our little family. He has challenged us since with the day he was born, both physically and mentally, with his liver issues and extreme prolonged jaundice, to being the healthy, happy, strong willed, ball-of-energy that he is today. I truly can’t imagine life without him.

We love him more than words can express. And are so very thankful that he is ours.

Happy Birthday to my handsome little man!


  1. Hi I'm Emily! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog!


  2. Happy 3rd birthday to William. So cute! My grandson just turned 2 last month! My how time flies. The little guys are so precious! Enjoy!