09 June 2011

I'm over here.

We're in Day 9 of our drive from Alaska to Oklahoma. We've crossed the Pacific Ocean by boat, driven through five states, and lapped over three time zones; still we have several more days to go. Right now we're in Colorado visiting with my in-laws, and tomorrow we're planning a cookout, which I'm sure will be equal parts relaxing and fun. It'll be the perfect break in our trip to recharge our batteries and build new family memories.

My blogger friend of mine , My Dear Jenn, is also making a cross country trip from Alaska. During her travels she has lined up guest bloggers, and my story is one of them. In keeping with her travel theme, I shared my most favorite place in the world! Go here to read on...

Happy Trails!

Denver, Colorado



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  1. my man and I drove cross country from chicago to phoenix... w my mom and step dad last year. needless to say, we cut our trip 3 days short...it was tough with that much togethernes...small car, 6 month old baby, sharing hotel rooms every night with 2 families. the worst snoring in the world...no sleep, lol..

    i want to do it again, but this time get our own room.