About Me

Ten years ago I married my best friend, and together we've made a little family of four.
I seek happiness in the little everyday moments that go unseen far too often. I'm a do-er of all things creative, a mommy of two children that are my world, and a military wife who supports and loves my Airman with every fiber of my being.
When I'm not playing with my children or discussing politics with my husband, I'm most likely in my home studio passionately painting my latest commissions.

Ron. The Husband.
Ron is a TSgt (soon to be Master) in the United States Air Force. He has Bachelor's degree in Professional Aeronautics and a minor in Management and International Relations. Ron has been specializing in aircraft maintenance for the past ten years and has gone through eight deployments and several TDY's to Turkey, Oman, Yemen, and Iraq.
Ron is passionate about politics, the military, and his family.  

Krysta. My firstborn.
Krysta is a dreamer, an animal lover, an artist in training, and a little ballerina.
When she grows up she says she wants to be a veterinarian, a restaurant owner, a fashion illustrator, a boutique owner, an artist, a cupcake baker, and a teacher. I tell you, my girl has BIG  DREAMS.

William. The newest edition and the final piece to our little family.
William is strong-willed and will not take "no" for an answer. He has an adventurous personality, constantly pushes the limits and challenges me everyday. One day, William will move mountains.